Meet Our Team

B&B Contracting Inc. has been fortunate enough to provide its services to the community and the industry for over 50 years. The building blocks of our success have always been based on creating long lasting and trusting relationships with our clients.

By never compromising our integrity we can strive to always be trusted in the industry. We primarily focus all of our attention and efforts on being a commercial based tile and stone installation company. We pride ourselves on continually providing the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, while meeting project deadlines, and making a positive difference in the industry.

We have completed hundreds of commercial projects over the years in the southern and central regions of Florida.  Our project portfolio is very diverse and includes hotels, condominiums, gaming/entertainment, governmental buildings, medical facilities, and retail establishments.

Title Name Email Address Years of Experience
President Sebastian Bazzano 75 Years
Vice President Robert Bazzano 55 Years
Vice President of Field Operations Walter Beaton 50 Years
Treasurer/Project Development Brian Bernard 30 Years
Project Manager Frankie Alameda 40 Years
Project Manager David Pabon 20 Years
Project Manager Carlos Garcia 20 Years
Project Development Ryan Hroch 4 Years
Bookkeeper Ivor Stewart 12 Years
Warehouse Manager Jean Paul Torres 10 Years
Project Material Coordinator Matthew McAlister 4 Years
Assistant Warehouse Manager Kevin Torres 1 Year